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Arctic Blast Reviews - User Report And Scams Does It Worth?


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What is Arctic Blast?


Kevin is a pain specialist who developed the Arctic Blast supplement. Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd, a US-based company that makes Arctic Blast bottles, is responsible for creating each one. Arctic Blast is specifically formulated to alleviate all kinds of chronic pain as well as improve your quality of life. Arctic Blast is a powerful combination of ingredients that can effectively relieve pain and treat it from the inside. Arctic Blast comes in liquid form which allows for quick absorption. All Arctic Blast ingredients can be taken as a liquid, which means that there are fewer side effects.

Arctic Blast's manufacturers claim that the formula can be used to relieve joint, muscle and back pain in as little as 60 seconds. The ingredient DMSO found in Arctic Blast has been scientifically shown to relieve chronic pain. It is also non-habit-forming and is an excellent alternative to orthodox pain-relieving methods.

What is the science behind Arctic Blast?


Arctic Blast claims this formula contains DMSO (Dimethylsulphoxide), a natural ingredient. Kevin also claims that DMSO provides pain relief. The pain specialist says that profit is the main driver of most drug companies. Companies that make pharmaceutical analgesics can see a decrease in earnings due to the use of DMSO. Arctic Blast contains DMSO, so it is an effective pain-relieving option for those looking for natural alternatives.

DMSO is a natural healer, making it a vital ingredient for professional athletes and trainers. DMSO's active compounds accelerate healing of common injuries such as Achilles tendon injuries and hamstring conditions. Natural pain relief products are often made with ingredients like turmeric and glucosamine that have not been approved by the FDA. Scientifically, chondroitin or hyaluronic acids have not been shown to provide relief from pain. Arctic Blast claims that some form of DMSO has been FDA-approved.

The DMSO in Arctic Blast works by reaching the damaged muscles and joints . This provides rapid pain relief. DMSO also transports menthol, camphor, and other pain relief substances to the affected area.

Arctic Blast Key Ingredients


Arctic Blast contains Menthol, Camphor, Aqua, Olive Oil and Winter Green as well as DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide) and St John's Wort Oil.

Arctic Blast: What benefits can you expect?


Blocks Pain

The active ingredient in Arctic Blast (DMSO), blocks pain-stimulating neural connections and offers significant pain relief. Arctic Blast also conditions your brain to provide relaxation and stop pain.

Increase blood flow

Arctic Blast stimulates blood flow from the inside and works by stimulating blood flow to the affected area. The blood circulation is improved, and the affected areas are fed with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to reduce pain.

Alleviate inflammation

Your body's way to promote healing is through inflammation. Uncontrolled inflammation can lead to severe pain. Because of its molecular structure, DMSO is easy to penetrate the skin and combat inflammation. Camphor and menthol provide pain relief by providing a cooling, soothing sensation. To ensure pain relief, menthol as well as camphor can be used in conjunction with DMSO.

Relaxation and sleep better

Arctic Blast pain relief drops can make it easier to sleep by relieving pain in the tissues, muscles, and joints. Arctic Blast's soothing, cooling sensation helps to relieve chronic pain.

Increase flexibility and mobility

Arctic Blast can help to regain your range by reducing pain and discomfort.

Topical analgesic

Arctic Blast claims that this product is a great option for people who don't like taking oral painkillers. Arctic Blast pain relief drops are safe for everyone, except children younger than 2.


Arctic Blast pain relief drops are completely natural and do not contain any habit-forming substances, unlike oral analgesics. Arctic Blast pain drops can be applied gently to relieve your pain and improve your life quality.

Zero side effects

Regular use of many oral pain-relieving medications can cause damage to your internal organs. Arctic Blast, however, is a topical painkiller that doesn't interfere with your internal organs. As with other pain relievers, Arctic Blast is not likely to cause health problems.

Arctic Blast Pain Drops has its disadvantages


  • Some people may find the Arctic Blast odor offensive.

  • Arctic Blast cannot be purchased in retail stores. It can only be purchased from their official website.

  • Arctic Blast might not work for everyone

How to use Arctic Blast Topical Pain Killer


The manufacturer suggests that you rub 3-4 drops of Arctic Blast onto the affected area, and then gently massage. Arctic Blast warns against the use of this product on cuts and open wounds. Arctic Blast users need to be cautious not to get the pain drops in their eyes. After applying Arctic Blast to the affected area, users should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. Arctic Blast recommends that you consult your doctor before using this product.

  • A medical condition exists.

  • Arctic Blast contains any ingredients that you are allergic to

  • You are pregnant or nursing

  • A skin condition exists

  • There is no doubt about the dosage

Arctic Blast is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Arctic Blast creators claim that the drops are completely natural and will not cause any side effects. Arctic Blast should not be used if you have a negative reaction. You should seek medical attention immediately. Arctic Blast also recommends that you make a formal complaint via their official email. This is located on their website.

How to buy Arctic Blast Pain-relieving Drops


Only on the official website can you purchase genuine Arctic Blast bottles. Arctic Blast Drops Price manufacturer warns you against ordering this on other websites to protect your bank and personal information. Depending on the number of bottles ordered, there are three packages available. These packages include:

  • One bottle at $59.95/Free Shipping

  • Three bottles for $139.95/Free Shipping

  • Six bottles for $199.95/Free Shipping

All orders include free shipping


Arctic Blast maker gives users three additional pdf books after a successful purchase. These are:

  • Give your joints a chance to live again

  • The Anti-inflammation Diet

  • The Healthiest 100-Year Olds Have Longevity Tips

Arctic Blast: Final Thoughts


Arctic Blast pain relief drops are claimed to be natural analgesics and can help improve the quality of your life. Arctic Blast claims that this is an effective regimen for lower back pain and stiff neck, as well as muscle cramps and joint pains. Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd also claims that they used only the best ingredients to create a topical painkiller with no side effects.

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